Kundalini Awakening

Kundalini Awakening

The Journey to my Kundalini Awakening


I was stuck in the mud and could not move forward in life. I felt helpless, and I tried to numb the pain by keeping myself extremely busy with work. I felt trapped in the corporate world. No matter how many projects or jobs I changed, the feeling of being stuck and lost followed me everywhere. The monotonous routine got hold of me, and I became very ill and exhausted. That event was a wake-up call that compelled me to change my life direction as soon as possible. Taking a leap of faith, I quit my job and embarked on a journey into the unknown with the hope to find myself and discover my life's purpose. That year I had the most painful and blissful experiences. I lost everything, including my old self.


Kundalini Rising

A year later, I experienced a phenomenal kundalini rising that change me even more. Since then, I have created many changes in my life. I have learned to channel my inner guidance and have grown on many levels. I received confirmation of my purpose, got married, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I am very grateful for every experience as it has made me unique as a person and as a Coach.

What is kundalini?

Kundalini energy rest in the Muladhara, which is at the base of the spine. The energy is dormant until you have a Kundalini awakening. Once awaken, the energy is released and flows up through the chakras and out the crown chakra. 

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