Spiritual Response Therapy

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)  Practitioner

What is Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)?

Spiritual Response Therapy is an effective healing method created by the late Rev. Robert E. Detzler (1926-2013). Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) works on a spiritual level to help us live a more prosperous life by reducing the detrimental impact of life difficulties. SRT removes unwanted soul programs, blocks, and unhealthy past life energies from your life.


The most common therapy clearing areas are:

Money and Finances, Health and Well-being, Career or Life Purpose; and Relationships.


How Spiritual Response Therapy Works?

Spiritual Response Therapy uses a unique technique that quickly finds a response in your Higher Self (Akashic records). Negative or restrictive programs such as undesirable limitations, beliefs, perceptions, and imprints from previous experiences and past lives are replaced by loving and more compassionate thoughts, visions, and positive energy. The SRT healers connect to their own and the client’s Higher Self. Then the healers use a pendulum, a set of specifically designed charts, and asks a series of leading questions to find negative blocks or conflicting programs in the client’s Akashic records.

Benefits of Spiritual Response Therapy

Humans have memories and beliefs stored deeply in their subconscious minds. Unfortunately, those beliefs and memories are attached to us from lifetime to lifetime and prevent us from reaching our full potential. Therefore, Spiritual Response Therapy will help clients release limiting beliefs, pain, distress, and emotional blocks that hold them back from their success and moving forward in life.

In general, SRT clients report that they feel more balanced, well-grounded, and clear after a few sessions.

Work with Petal

Have you realized that you are stuck in repetitive problems and need to remove obstacles from your path?

I can help you clear the challenges in your life so that you can move forward easily.

Sessions & Cost


  • The first session is Free

  • Sliding scale payment available

Due to the pandemic, all sessions are remote via Phone, Skype, Facebook, or Zoom.

If you would like to book an earlier session than what is available on my calendar, please fill up the form below or email:  thekeytoanewreality@gmail.com