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Gain Balance in all areas of your life with your intentions, goals, and dreams - 2022

What a year 2021 has been so far. Some people might say prosperous, struggling, scary, or challenging. Whatever your word for the year 2021 is, either celebrate it or put it behind us because the year is almost over.


Ask yourself these questions. 

  • What did you learn about yourself? 

  • What did you do for yourself? 

  • Did you make a huge life change? 


Every moment, every day, every year is a new start. Make your start now and choose to do something that will push you closer to your dreams and wishes.


2022 is upon us. Wouldn’t it “Be Nice” to gain balance in all areas of your life with your intentions, goals, and wishes?


I am sure you have your wish list written for the new year 2022, and you asked for one or many presents. You had set your intentions and commanded your gifts to show up. After all, this is not your first list of new year resolutions as you do it yearly.


You know very well that some of your wishes show up and some do not. Do you wonder why?


Remember this, the minute you ask the universe for presents, the universe says yes, and

your gift(s) are on the way to you. However, there is always a gap between you and your gift(s). 

Some people might have a block or various interferences in their gap, and the gift(s) never show up.


Why is this?

  • Ask yourself, are you fully aligned with that wish?

  • Is that really what you want?

  • Why do you want this particular wish?

  • Do you want the wish for yourself or someone else?

If you are still reading, You know you are ready to work on yourself, as you practice self-discipline and self-responsibility.


Book a free 2-hour session to explore more.


Theme: Growing, Learning, Healing, having Balance in All Areas of your Life, and achieving your intentions.

Package includes:
  • One - 3-hour session

  • Plus 24 Sessions tailored specifically to you (about six months)

  • Weekly 1-hour session that starts as soon as you sign up

  • Weekly growth work via email

  • Support and mentor for six (6) months

  • Collaboration and cooperation

  • This package is a combination of Healing, SRT, and Strategic Intervention Coaching

  • Cost: Unique As You

  • Sessions are online Zoom

How it works:
  • First, you book a free 2-hour session to experience what it would be like to work weekly with Petal.

  • During the session, Petal will explain more about the package and the pricing because the package price is as unique as you are; this means that everyone's price is different.


Refer a friend and get USD 300.00 via Pay Pal.
  1. For every friend you refer that sign-up & Pays for a package, you get USD 300.00

  2. When you refer your friend, you will also be entered into a draw to win Six months of Free Healing & Coaching that starts in March 2022.

  3. The winner can sign up or give it to someone who needs Healing & Coaching

  4.  The draw for the 6 months of Healing & Coaching will be on January 31, 2022. 


How it works:


You get USD 300.00 after the following conditions:

  • Your friend signs Up & Pays for a Healing or Coaching package

  • Your friend received their first session


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